Coffee Is Key and Very Necessary

Pink and warm and fuzzy. Thats how this coffee shop makes me feel. Today Kristen and I have gone into the suburbs of St. Louis in hopes to find a decent coffee shop. With divine blogger, Kirsten Farrah (@Thecoffeehouse), at my side, we were set on finding a place in which would be worth our... Continue Reading →

A Breakfast Date With a Bunch of Mates

What do you do when you're bored on a Sunday morning and have nothing else to do? Well, with your tummy empty and a relaxing day ahead, (hopefully) how about about some breakfast?Breakfast, in my opinion, is the very most important meal of the day. It's also the time of the day with the best... Continue Reading →

The Zoo I Flew Through

Price of St. Louis Zoo - $0 An. Hour. That’s all I got to spend today doing something adventurous, fun, and free. So, out of everywhere in St. Louis, where could I have possibly gone? Well you guessed it! Or you didn’t. I chose to go to the zoo.  Today consisted of me hobbling the... Continue Reading →

Picnicking in the Park

Price of visit to Blackburn Park - $0 Today I’m going to the park. Why? For no specific except to have a PICNIC. First of all, picnics are free. The only thing you have the provide is food, unless you’re good at scavenging. But let’s just not make this difficult and say to just bring... Continue Reading →

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